Role: Directed, Produced, and Filmed by Tariq Muata with the support of Late Bloomer

Self-produced narrative short Grief explores each of the five stages and how they can manifest in someone’s life. Late Bloomer took the opportunity to highlight our strengths in this film by leaning heavily into color, and how they can help emphasize different emotions within a story.

Director: Tariq Muata
Cinematographer: Tariq Muata & Olu Famule,
Actors: Chris Abbey Jr., Justin Ofori-Atta, Selena Ramsarran
Producers: Tariq Muata
Assistant Directors: Olu Famule, Finn Mccormick Assistant Camera: Amari Townsend, Axel Santo-Domingo
Photographer: Catherine Tinh
PA: Tony Nhan,  Lily Eusebio, Chui
Music: CRXSH