Role: Directed, Produced, and Filmed by Tariq Muata with the support of Late Bloomer

Battle Weary, is a visual album for the Minneapolis-based Post Punk band The Muatas, featuring their tracks "Battle Weary," "Answers," and "This Trouble”.  The intent behind this piece is to illustrate the challenges faced by a Black family in South Minneapolis during the aftermath of George Floyd's murder, the global pandemic, and the political unrest that followed.

Director: Tariq Muata
Cinematographer: Tariq Muata, Olu Famule
Actors: Ja’Mes Deovion, Chris Abbey Jr., Ayanna Muata, Cam Muata, Jon Scott, Christopher Schillock, Kamau Muata, Natalia Patino
Producers: Tariq Muata Assistant
Directors: Olu Famule & Finn Mccormick
Assistant Camera: Amari Townsend